Monday, May 13, 2013

4 months later...

I cant believe I have not done a blog entry this year until now.  But then again - I can, because it has been a CRAZY first quarter!  (See below)

Mommy, Tyce, Zeia, Cow

The biggest news of course is that Zeia is now a big sister as we have welcomed Tyce Griffin Unsworth into the world on Feb. 15th.  Another happy baby in the family!!

Zeia loves being a big sis so far.  Every time she sees him, she kisses him on his face and then points to his hair and his nose.  I assume these are her favorite features.

(Personally I love his chunky thighs!)

Zeia continues to be her happy, bubbly, social self and we continue to LOVE her personality.  She has grown so much and so quickly, that I am glad we have so much great technology so that we can share these memories and keep track of them.

Holding on to Auntie Vysh 
Swimming with Auntie Emma

Reading with Grandpapa

Playing the Hat game with 'Ama'

The L.A. Aunties came to visit!

We are so lucky to have friends with children the same age as Zeia, as it is so fun to watch them grow up together.  She and her 'cousins' get together at least once a week and have a blast!  Some of our adventures this year include:
  • Oakland Museum Family Friday Night
  • City of Oakland First Friday
  • Little Farm
  • Alameda Beach
  • San Pablo and Willard park
  • Pool day at Donovan and Betsy's
  • MANY Sunday dinners in the back yard!

The Crew

Bathtime Mohawks
The Strawberry Shortcake Queens

                                                That's all for now...We're Outta Here!!

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