Saturday, September 29, 2012

Home at last, home at last!

We made it!

We are finally a happy family of 3 at home together.  I cannot express my feelings in words these days.  It is a combination of happiness, joy, peace, excitement, and a little anxiety.  It is a big change for everyone and I try to remember what an adjustment it is for baby girl most of all.  We have been preparing for this for months and months, but she has not.  Yet and still, this is one strong little girl!  She is so amazes me.  Her smiles never stop (for the most part), and she just keeps enjoying her day no matter what.

Even her sleep is going well!  We are actually quite shocked, and very happy, that she is basically sleeping through the night for 11-12 hours with only 1 wake-up for a bottle and then she is right back to sleep.  For our part, Tor and I have read all the favorite sleep books and absorbed advice from our fellow new parents.  We dont even have to drive around the block with her to get her to sleep ;)

Last week we had our first playgroup, and it was a blast! The parents and the babies all had fun in the park and at Rebecca's house.  The bonding is going well, and she played very well with the other little ones.

Aya, Enzo, Zeia, Teddy, and Lance

Cutest expressions ever

Sharing nicely

The ladies of the playgroup

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Better Days: Adventures of Mommy and her Mini-Me

This past week has been amazing in so many ways.  Zeia and I are having the kind of mommy-daughter bonding that some never get, especially at this age.  No job to leave to in the mornings, no distractions...just 100% mommy attention.  She seems to be enjoying all of our time together and I am glad to be here with her.  It has been a little lonely at times, and Tor will be joining us this Saturday night.  I am really excited as this girl is a LOT of work.

Everyone in Ethiopia has been really welcoming and sweet, especially here in the hotel.  Everyone wants to hold and love on Zeia.  It means a lot to me and I am very happy to be spending some extra time here and not just pulling her away to the U.S.

Here are just of few of my favorite shot from the week:
Ready for the U.S.

Fight On Baby

First bath from mommy

Relaxing with a foot propped up on the crib

Friday, September 14, 2012

First day back together: not so sure about "mommy"

Zeia has grown up quite a bit in just 2 weeks.  She was tired when they brought her in and I really think she is attached to the nannies.  She seemed okay for me to take her but there were nowhere near the smiles from our visit last month.  We played for a few minutes and I could tell she was tired so I fed here and let her focus on my face as long as she could.  She was out in 5 minutes or less.  She slept face down on my chest and we both rested on the couch since of course I was the only visiting parent.  After about an hour, she woke up 50/50.  she didnt recognize where she was but she was happy to be in my face and started playing with my mouth.  We had tummy time, and she seems frustrated that she can't crawl yet.  I pulled out the favorites, the mirror block was still fun to her but not like last time.  She was more interested in being held, hitting things together, and looking at the plant.  She still made good eye contact but it did not result in immediate smiles :(

(the attached photo pretty much sums up her thoughts on the visit, although she is still pretty darn cute even not smiling) lol
How long are you here this time woman??

Overall, it was a good visit.  I put her on her back to put socks on and she started to cry right away.  So - although not as smiley, she is still interested in attention. It is taking some getting used to on my part.  She played with the wrapper from the banana crackers I brought, and was more interested in putting the crackers in MY mouth than hers. I think she was trying to tell me she wanted certain things by slapping me on the shoulder while staring at them?  I dunno, it was a lot to take in over just an hour.  I am sure nothing is wrong, but there is an adjustment period that seems to be needed so maybe it is good I am here early.  It seems we will need to re-bond for sure because she is starting to really be comfortable in what is familiar to her...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Heading back

It looks like all the paperwork is all set to be submitted on Tuesday! The application for Zeia's VISA as well as the private investigator's report are all ready to go and so am I.  I will be returning to Ethiopia this Friday to check her out of the foster home and wait for our exit interview with the Embassy.  Fingers crossed everyone - as of now I am traveling without an Embassy appointment in the hopes that it will be scheduled quickly.  Let's hope I can bring her home quickly :)