Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday is a great day for blogging

It's been a busy Fall season full of love, fun, family, friends, and pumpkin costumes.  I haven't had much time to write, but it has all been for good reasons.  Zeia is a happy girl, growing up so fast right before our eyes.  Her first birthday will be here shortly, and I just want to make sure I capture some of the time leading up to it.  Her favorite thing to do is clap her hands (besides eating) and make noise!  Lots of noise!  Her favorite words are "Dada, mama, nana (banana), and that".  She has a smile that is contagious and her big curious eyes are always exploring the world around her.

Don't worry, we dont let her drink wine :)  We have family-style dinner at the Batten-Bowman residence about once a month, and it is one of our favorite nights.  We learn so many helpful tricks from Auntie Emma - like giving the kids the wine cork to suck like a charm.

Halloween was another fun night, here is Zeia with her buddies Aya and Enzo.  Of course - they stole the show, who can resist such cuteness!!

We spent Thanksgiving at grandma and grandpa's house and it was so much fun!  Can you tell how happy Cal is :)  Nick and Toni made another excellent spread.  Mommy's tummy was just too full of baby to really eat as much as I wanted...but I nibbled all night long.  This has definitely been a year to be grateful and thankful for so many things...our wonderful family and friends, bringing Zeia into our lives, and of course the new life growing with us everyday.

Fun in the sunshine with mommy on a lazy afternoon

I love this photo, she's "reading" a book and looks like a little teenager.  You can't tell, but she was kicking her legs.

Here she is on the very first day of 'school' or daycare in her case.  She attends Kidsland in Berkeley and she loves it!  The first few days were a challenge, but her caretaker Ana is warm and caring.  Now, Zeia actually reaches out to her sometimes and we can tell she is learning a lot in daycare while we are at work.  She is becoming more independent and content with keeping herself busy.  She plays really well with other kids, and is very good with meeting new people.  Yet and still, her attachment to us is very secure and she checks in with us all the time during play and when she is in the arms of other people.  The doctor has reassured us this is a very good sign.

The Many Faces of Zeia...silly girl posing for the camera

Oh...and did I mention she LOVES to eat?!  She is only in the 40th percentile for height, but the 70th percentile for weight!!  Looks are deceiving and everyone who picks her up learns quickly that she packs a lot in that small frame.  As grandma says, she is made of pure solid gold!

Well that's all folks!  Mommy will try to do a better job of keeping up the writing...she promises ;)

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  1. FINALLY! I have been impatiently waiting for an update and some new pics! She is a doll! Glad I checked in!