Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Court day (delayed post)

Who's happy?!

Today was the big day…or at least another big day.  We woke up around 3:30, a little later than the day before.  For breakfast, the chef prepared fried vegetable and meat ‘samosas’ that were delicious.  Soon after, the drivers picked us up around 8:30 for our 9AM court appointments.  We drove about 20 minutes or so through the city, in a light rain.  One we pulled up, the driver let us out so he could park and we headed into the building.  The security guards made patted down the men, and seemed put off when I unzipped my jacket preparing for the same. Apparently women can sneak things into the courthouse J

There were a total of (4) families with our agency, and we all met up in the waiting room with our lawyer, Mr. Alemu.  The room was packed, and we heard that this was the last day of court before the rainy season closure…we just made it!  When it was our turn, we all went in together and sat before the judge.  She looked over our passports and paperwork, and then the questioning began.  Basically, she asked us all the same questions at the exact same time and we all answered together:
1.    Do you have any other children?
2.    If so, have you told them about the adoption?  How do they feel about it?
3.    Have you seen the children yet?  How much time have you spent with them?
4.    Do you know any other families that have adopted from Ethiopia?
5.    Have you been learning about Ethiopia so you can teach your child about their culture?
6.    Do you realize that this adoption is final and irrevocable for ANY reason?
7.    Do you still want to adopt this child?

It was on this last question that my eyes teared up…there are no words strong enough to answer this and convey how much we want this.  She looked over the paperwork one final time and then brought out her stamp.  

“Congratulations, you have all cleared and the adoptions are approved” and just like that she made us parents J

Destination: Berkeley, CA

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meeting you for the first time...the day my life changed

Words cannot express how we felt on this day...so I will just let the photos do the talking.

A happy family of 3!

Mid-morning nap

Mid-afternoon nap...right after her first taste of solid foods

Who can resist that face?!

Daddy's girl?  We shall see :)